Cardio works using advanced radar technology that was originally invented by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs for use in space missions.

Up there in space, they use radar to help maneuver the machinery and equipment remotely, and make sure things are aligned correctly.

In your home, that same kind of radar can detect your heartbeat through your skin and under your clothes without even needing to touch you. It can even work around furniture and other obstructions.

It’s so very powerful it tracks your heart rate through the tiny vibrations on your chest…
… and it’s completely safe. In fact, the Cardio sensor has fewer emissions than your TV or Wifi Router, so you know it’s totally harmless.

And so down here on earth, the Cardio sensor sits there silently on its wall mount, constantly tracking Heart Rate, Stress Levels, Respiration and Sleep… and reporting it all back to you in real time, direct to the app on your phone.

White Papers

Heart Rate Tracking and Accuracy
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Cardi/o® Radar Monitor Safety
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Remote Cardiac Monitoring
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