Know Your Parents are OK When You're Away


Alerts and Peace of Mind

From your smart phone you can view real time heart rate and breath rate, and motion/occupancy status moving, sleep, away, no movement) in real time.

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Real-Time Monitor With Alerts

If you’re looking to make sure an older relative or loved one is safe, or track your own Heart Rate WITHOUT wearing a smartwatch or chest strap or anything else, is the perfect solution.

Instead of dreading the middle of the night call from a doctor or hospital after something bad happens, Cardio gives you the security of knowing you can get a text alert within minutes of the problem happening.

Cardio gives you the best chance of being able to react quickly when it matters.

and it does it without wearables and without needing to ever touch the user.

Monitoring Made Easy

Track your loved one’s heart rate, breathing and sleeping patterns with no physical contact. The only monitor that works on any age.

Using advanced radar technology and proprietary machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms, originally developed at NASA’s JPL, Cardi/o senses your heart rate and breath rate in real-time, sending you alerts when an abnormal event occurs.

Connects with Alexa's voice activated commands.

Life with Cardio

It’s only natural to worry about older relatives or those with health problems. Imagine that instead of getting that dreaded phone call several hours AFTER something happened…

… your phone vibrates right as it’s happening. You receive an alert telling you that your loved one’s heart rate spiked above a safe level just a few moments ago.

You call her immediately, thinking the worst…
 … and she tells you she doesn’t feel so good…
  … so you call emergency services and head over there

The point is, getting those alerts right then on your phone is peace of mind, isn’t it?
That’s where comes in.

Common questions

Think of Cardio as a fitness watch you don’t actually have to wear. The groundbreaking radar technology not only tracks Heart Rate, but also tracks Sleep, Breathing Rate, and Stress Levels through HRV (Heart Rate Variability) just like wearable fitness devices - without a wearable!

Constant heart rate monitoring is a great way to get deeper and more actionable health insights for anybody using the sensor. Heart-rate data is the lynchpin of long-term wellness tracking. At-a-glance ongoing heart rate data is one of the best ways to get a snapshot of whole body health and spot trends as they happen.

The user is able to set healthy levels through the Cardio Smartphone App. Should the heart rate fall or rise outside those healthy levels, an urgent text alert is sent to a designated phone number within 60 seconds. This is a perfect “early warning system” for those caring for elderly relatives or people with health concerns.

Touchless monitoring makes our sensor ideal for people who may not be a fit for a wearable device. There’s no worries about charging the device or keeping the software updated or anything like that - it’s always on, and always collecting data.

The Cardio App allows you to get real time health tracking data anyplace, anytime for Heart Rate, Sleep, Breathing Rate, and Stress Levels, and also lets you spot long term trends over time. The app is the perfect way to monitor whole-body health, especially with an elderly user or somebody with health concerns.

All data is stored for up to 6 months to help spot long term health trends and identify problems before they become serious.

Not at all! The Cardio unit is easily wall mounted and tracks a single user in a 10’ by 10’ space, however this range can vary between different users. Most of our users forget the unit is even there, and this makes it an excellent way to track long-term health.

Cardio is not classified as a medical device and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness.


Cardi/o sensors are not medical devices. Heart rate data is not intended to be used for medical purposes nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. This feature only alerts you when your heart rate exceeds or drops below a certain number of beats per minute, as selected by the user, after a period of inactivity. This feature does not notify you of any potential heart condition and is not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition or disease. Always refer to your health care provider for any heart-related issues. See