Totally Touchless Cardi/o®
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Sensor reads pulse + breath + stress
Freedom from wearable health trackers

Live Free From Wearables...

Stay in the Zone

Your vitals signs tell a story.

Set a time each day to read yours.

Let it help you write a healthy future.

What our Cardi/o® Customers are Saying

This is the coolest heart rate monitor for yoga. I just ask Alexa for my heart rate whenever I’m in the zone and I don’t have to wear a thing!

Larry D, Laguna Hills, CA

I like the touchless stress feature. I get to see how exercise lowers my score.

Mike G, New York, NY

With COVID-19 still a concern, my family uses Cardi/o to check our vitals every day for any changes. It’s especially easy to check on little ones.

Tiffany P, Austin, TX

Step into the future of healthy living.

Start every morning with "Alexa, Open My Cardi/o®" for daily well checks delivered at your leisure.

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