Cardi/o® is unique from other heart rate monitors – there is no wearable device so the resident enjoys more independent living while caregivers enjoy peace of mind.

Cardi/o® reads heart rate and respiratory rate signals up to 10 feet (approximately 3 meters) when installed as directed. Additional monitors can be installed in larger rooms to ensure broader coverage areas.

Yes, every room at your facility that is installed with a Cardi/o® monitor can be viewed from a central dashboard.

Yes, each community/home assigns an Account Administrator to manage access privileges of its staff and resident families.

No special equipment is needed to operate Cardi/o®. Most assisted living facilities already have the basic requirements:
    1. A power outlet for powering the monitor 24/7
    2. Internet connection via WiFi to stream data in real-time.
    3. Smart phone or desktop PC to receive alerts and stats

Cardi/o® is validated to be significantly accurate within ±2 beats per minute (BPM) when tested against a medical ECG (echocardiogram).

No, Cardi/o® falls under the FDA’s general wellness category of heart rate monitors and provides useful data for personal health and caregiving without requiring a prescription.

Health devices categorized under general wellness are not Medical Devices as defined by the FDA. 

Cardi/o® adheres to  normal regulatory compliances required for consumer electronics devices.

Check with your insurance provider to learn if Cardi/o® is eligible for reimbursement with your flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).

For optimal cardiac distress detection, each Cardi/o® monitor is assigned to a specific resident. Multiple persons within the same coverage area of a single monitor will not produce accurate data or distress detection.

However, Cardi/o® can be installed over beds located in the same room for continuous sleep monitoring and efficient nighttime caregiving.

Contact us to get help bringing Cardi/o® distress monitoring to your Assisted Living Provider: (888) 292-2209 ext. 1 or sales@cardio.io

Touchless, radar cardiac monitoring is a giant leap in health science. As Cardi/o® focuses on delivering value-based care with touchless cardiac-respiratory data and alerts, you can subscribe to our Cardi/o® Newsletter to be among the first to learn when we add new health metrics on future products.