Data Plan Info

A paid Cardi/o® data plan is required to operate the Cardi/o® sensor. Below are the basic steps to using your product:

  1. First, create your Cardi/o® membership account when prompted during the checkout process.

    This will allow you to track your order and manage your data plan and recurring billing details in one spot (you will choose a data plan after receiving your sensor).

  2. Second, choose a Data Plan AFTER you receive your Cardi/o® sensor in the mail.

    To do this, log in to your Cardi/o® membership account, register your sensor warranty and choose a Data Plan to activate your Cardi/o® membership. Your plan starts immediately upon first payment of your data plan.

  3. Third, connect your Cardi/o® sensor to the Cardi/o® app downloaded on your phone to start experiencing totally touchless Cardi/o® in your home. 

    Refer to the Quick Start Guide enclosed with your Cardi/o® sensor for easy sensor set up at home in 3 steps.